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ANA 2 Presets Vol. 1 - Pop and Future House Preset Pack


Sonic Academy is proud to preset the first preset pack for our new synth ANA 2. ANA 2 Presets Vol. 1 - Pop and Future House delivers 100 technically advanced presets showing you the true potential of this amazing synth. An amazing collection of the deepest basses, warmest pads, and soaring leads. We have added bonus wavetables, G-Env, Arp and CMD preset also to make ANA 2 powerhouse in your studio. Make your productions stand out from the crowd with this crucial resource!

The creative sound design of pop, future bass, and the bliss sounds tropical house and future house are all expertly crafted in the amazing pack!

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  • ANA 2 Presets Vol. 1 - Pop and Future House


    Get right to the heart of ANA 2 with this cutting-edge preset pack. Containing over 100 simply amazing presets to add inspiration to your productions. Fusing Pop and Future house and bass elements to create a truly unique preset pack. Inspired by the likes of Don Diablo, EDX, Pryda and Madeon this packs nails the Pop and Future House sound.

    Included bonus wavetables, ARP, CMD and G-Env preset's to start building ANA 2 into a massive powerhouse of a synth.


    • 27 x Leads
    • 25 x Basses
    • 11 x Plucks
    • 10 x Pads
    • 3 x Stabs
    • 8 x Keys
    • 7 x Poly
    • 5 x FX
    • 4 x Strings
    • 3 x Wubs
    • 03 CMD Presets
    • 02 Arp Presets
    • 01 G-Env Preset
    • 03 Osc Wavtables
    • 18 Osc Samples

    ANA 2 Presets Vol. 1 - Pop and Future House



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