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Carrtoons Bass Jams Sample Pack


Straight from the genius Ben Carr, Origin Sound brings you Carrtoons Bass Jams. Carr is an established bass player who brings his neo-soul/funk licks to the beat scene. Known for his videos on Instagram, he has a devote following who tune in to watch all his jams and collabs. Besides crafting perfect bass-lines, Carrtoons also produces beats using gear like the SP-404. Carr knows how to fit his notes perfectly into the pockets of Lo-Fi beats. Busting with bass content, this pack is perfect for any producer in need of some low end inspiration.

With over 250mb of carefully crafted loops, shots and licks, this pack can be utilised in a multitude of ways. Begin a new track by dropping a full loop straight into your projects, use a lick to spice up a drum fill or throw a one-shot into a sampler, it’s up to you! The pack could also be a useful tool for musicians wanting to improve their bass playing or bass recording, there’s a multitude of lessons to be learned within Carr’s pack.

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  • Carrtoons Bass Jams


    It’s always a blessing when an adept artist creates a sample pack, especially in the case of Cartoons Bass Jams. It’s a rarity to have access to bass samples that are so clean and full of life.
    A priceless addition to any sample library!


    • 88 x Bass licks
    • 34 x Bass loops
    • 30 x Bass one shots

    Carrtoons Bass Jams



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