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Electro Vocal Essentials Sample Pack


Big EDM is proud to present a brand new huge collection of vocal shouts, loops, and melodies which will be extremely useful to all EDM genres like electro, progressive, tech house, deep house, trap, and dubstep.

Do you ever feel like your mix is missing a bit of something extra?

Maybe a proper vocal?

How about your drop? Does it need some cool pre-drop shout?

Well this where our pack will come in very handy for you!

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  • Electro Vocal Essentials


    Inside this product, you will find nearly 300 perfectly produced and effected vocal shouts and loops recorded by 3 vocalists exclusively for Big EDM.

    All samples are provided in Dry & Wet versions and in the case of melody loops they will include MIDI.

    Folders you will find inside are:

    Vocal Samples & Loops, Vocal Shouts, Vocal Cut Loops, Melbourne Bounce Loops, Pitched Loops, Vocal Buildups & Vocoder Loops.

    Each and every sample has the right feeling thanks to the proper care of our fantastic producers.
    100% inspiring & 100% royalty free.


    150 x Vocal Samples & Loops
    30 x Vocal Shouts
    20 x Vocoder Loops
    20 x Pitched Loops
    20 x Melbourne Bounce Loops
    20 x Vocal Cut Loops
    10 x Vocal Buildups
    14 x MIDI Loops

    Electro Vocal Essentials



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