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ESW Future Bass Drums Sample Pack


Echo Sound Works is proud to present one of the most detailed drum sample packs ever created for Future Bass. ESW Future Bass Drums comes with 475 one shot samples for Future Bass, 85 Drum Loops, 12 Kontakt Kits, 15 Maschine 2 Kits and 5 Ableton Live Racks.

Future Bass is a multi faceted genre. There's so many types and we wanted to cover as much ground as possible with this pack. We have acoustic influenced samples in the vein of Flume, We have the harder hitting chill trap infused samples like Louis The Child or The Chainsmokers use, and some of the most unique foley sounds you've ever heard.

The included drum loops are organized into BPM - 135, 140, 150, 160, 175 and each groove is separated into individual elements like Kicks, Hi Hats, Snares etc. This makes for easy drag and drop use into any DAW and it gives you the ability to easily mix and match any of the loops.

We recorded a lot of the samples at a our studio in Los Angeles using high end analog gear as well as unique hardware synths to make a sound that is perfect for Future Bass.

Whether you're a seasoned Future Bass producer or you're looking to get into this incredibly popular genre, ESW Future Bass Drums will fill a void. This pack will also work really well with Chill Trap, Popstep and even Hip Hop.

Check out a detailed list of everything that's included in the pack and make sure you watch the demo videos!

Check out the video walk through below to get an in depth look at the contents of the pack

ESW FUTURE BASS DRUMS WALK THROUGH (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dl8Ps5I5D_4)

And learn how to build drum custom drum grooves using the included loops in this video:

ESW FUTURE BASS DRUMS LOOPS (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbXW18NLQHU)

Requires KONTAKT FULL VERION 5.5.1 or higher for the Kontakt kits
Requires Maschine 2.4.6 or higher

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  • ESW Future Bass Drums


    ESW Future Bass drums is one of the most complete sample libraries ever put together for Future Bass. It comes 475 samples, 85 Loops and a boat load of drum kits for Maschine, Kontakt and Live.

    Requires KONTAKT FULL VERION 5.5.1 or higher for the Kontakt kits

    Requires Maschine 2.4.6 or higher


    475 WAV Samples 24 Bit/44.1KhZ
    15 x Maschine Kits
    12 x KONTAKT Patches
    5 x Live Racks
    85 x Loops
    36 x Claps
    65 x Foley
    38 x Closed HH
    6 x Crash
    30 x Open HH
    51 x Kicks
    96 x Percussion
    16 x Snaps
    106 x Snares
    20 x Toms
    15 x Vocal Chants

    ESW Future Bass Drums



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