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Ethnical Trap Dynasty Sample Pack


Add some unique cultural style to your mix with Big EDM Ethnical Trap Dynasty. Loaded with instruments and sounds from all over the world. This versatile collection can be used within various genres and can create a mesmerizing atmosphere. Get inspired by the magic of exploring global heritage through the use of traditional instruments. These unique and expansive sounds will add a touch spice to your sound while allowing you to break free from the same old rhythmic patterns. By adding a wider backbeat you can take your songwriting to new levels.

Inside Ethnical Trap Dynasty you will hear African and Indian hand drums. Mystical flutes, jazz, and lounge influenced keys, orchestral string ensembles, Spanish style flamenco guitars, woodwinds of various cultural origins, bells, chimes, and modern dark and synth lines.

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  • Ethnical Trap Dynasty


    Incorporate these sounds with the trap style drum loops and one-shots. We have stocked this pack with signature Trap sounds such as layered sub-bass kicks, and good mid-range frequency knock kicks, crisp, grimy, and rhythmic snares, divided hi-hats, 808s, and irregular drum patterns.

    If you are looking for a pack that will allow you to add more detail, diversity, and distinction to your mix, than Ethnical Trap Dynasty from Big EDM, is essential.

    You can buy our packs with confidence as they have been created by experienced and professional producers that are affluent in the EDM scene. We deliver the most unique and innovative sounds with the highest regard to audio quality,


    50 x Unique Xfer Serum Presets
    28 x Melody Loops (+ MIDI)
    14 x Percussion Loops
    20 x Kicks
    10 x Synth Shots
    10 x Snares
    11 x Percussion
    10 x Claps

    • 100% Royalty-Free

    Ethnical Trap Dynasty



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