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    Kick 2 Full Version


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Product Features

KICK 2 - Drum Synthesiser

KICK 2 is finally here - The Multi Award Winning KICK gets an extensive upgrade for 2016. Easily sculpt, shape, create, manipulate, mangle your way to the perfect kick drum.

No longer do you need to rely on sampled and resampled low quality kick drums in sample packs. With KICK 2 you can easily create a perfectly synthesised kick attuned to your needs.

kick - image
kick - image

3 Fully Featured Click Areas

New to KICK 2 are 3 click areas jam packed with features including start time, length control, Low / High Pass Filters and fine pitch adjustment

No longer do you need to manipulate and adjust your clicks before import, simply load them and get started straight away

Drag & Drop Click Loading

Found an audio click that you like? simply drag and drop it straight onto the plugin window to load it directly into your soundbank

External Sample Folder Browsing

Browse your personal sample collection direct from inside the plugin - allowing you to audition all of your favourite samples without having to manually load them in.

kick - image
kick - image

Includes 230+ Factory Kicks

KICK 2 comes bundled with over 230 Factory presets in a wide range of styles including Analog / Bass / Drum & Bass / House / Live / Percussion / Pop / Progressive House / Psy Trance / Snares / Techno / Toms / Trance / Trap

Over 180 Click Samples

The click section contains 180 click samples that can be loaded in to provide your kick its own unique sound and if that still isn't enough you can go ahead and load in your own click samples - KICK will save these to your user bank for later use.

kick - image

SUB Harmonics Control

As well as being able to use a clean sine wave to create your KICKS, you can now take full control of the waveform by using our Sub Harmonics to add even more depth and character to your sound

kick - image

Tube, Clip and Wave Distortion Algorithms

As well as our original CLIP distortion from KICK 1 - we have included 2 new High Quality and expertly modelled Analog distortion units to allow you to add a little warmth to the sound, or to simply nail that hard dance kick

Included also is our signature Drive sound from Kick 1 to push everything that little bit more

kick - image

Quickly Export your KICK

Prefer to work with your KICKs in an external program? No problem. You can you now quickly and easily export your created KICK using our generate function

Simply choose the Velocity and Note you would like to export at - then drag and drop it directly from the plugin into your DAW.


Full Graphical EQ

Too many highs? Too little lows? Simply adjust them with new built-in graphical EQ to do a boost or cut accross the frequency range without ever having to leave the plugin

EQ Quick Controls

Once your EQ's are set up you can control and manipulate them quickly and easily directly from the front of the plugin

High Quality Bezier Curves

Easily sculpt your KICK sound using our advanced Bezier curve algorithm to get smooth transitions from point to point.

You can also adjust the length and overall pitch of the sound using the respective controls on the X-Y pad.

Stay in Key

Use the SNAP and TAG feature to show the HZ and KEY of each node on the X-Y pad. Allowing you to dial in the exact key of your kick drum.

curve section


Use the built in compressor to get even more control over your KICK sound - perfectly tuned for kick drums


Keep your levels under control with KICKs built in limiter. Featuring a threshold control as well as 3 release settings. Alternatively you simply disable it if you do not want it interfering with your sound.

Gate, Keytrack & Portamento Control

Take total control of how your MIDI input effects the length and pitch of your kick by making use of the Gate and Keytrack features

If you want to get really creative you can make use of our Portamento control to quickly and easliy create TRAP basses

32/64 BIT AU & VST & AAX

KICK is available in 32 & 64 Bit in both Audio Unit / VST and AAX

Gate &amp Keytrack


Walkthrough Video

Phil gives us a quick run down of all of the new features of KICK 2


Launch Trailer

Check out the launch trailer

kick - image

System Requirements

KICK 2 comes in 2 formats

Windows - VST, AAX - 32/64 Bit

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista (32 Bit)
Minimum Spec - Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 512 MB RAM

Mac Osx - VST, AU, AAX - 32/64 Bit

Mac OS X 10.7 or later (32/64 Bit), Intel Core Duo, 512 MB RAM (No PPC)

KICK 2 Artist Reviews


Armin Van Burren

This really looks great, Glad that there are more presets so you can instantly see what it does



This is absolutely killer! I’ve waited for something like this to make kicks from scratch forever. Amazing plugin, a must have



Sonic Academy Kick provides an amazing way of shaping your own kick drum and makes it very easy to tune it into the right key, adjust the length and tighten the punch!



I love KICK - I'm sick of going through 5000 libraries and never finding what I need and knowing someone else has the exact same sounds.. This way I can always have an opportunity to make a kick that hasn't been made before


Morgan Page

Loving the new features! Especially the render, distortion, and limiting controls. So much more control.


Maarten Vorwerk

This plugin I will use for every track. The Generate, Drag & Drop feature is amazing and a definite must have!


Rafael Frost

So excited to see this huge update to my most used plugin. The compressor and limiter which sound awesome together with an instant render option opens up new possibilities within a fraction of the time. Love it!


Sean Tyas

I'm blown away by Kick2, it's my go2 Plugin for all my kicks, it's so editable it's ridiculous! You could create the perfect kick for any genre. Love it!


Maor Levi

I love it! Really solid compare to version 1 , I can see more things clearly while adjusting frequencies and the interface is a lot wider and tidy which I love.



Many thanks for the new version of the kick 2 plugin. I've been trying it out in the studio last week and it's pretty much fantastic. I've replaced all of the kicks with this one on my tracks that I'm working on now as it's super easy to get just the right kick sound and no need to go through hundreds of kick samples.


Leon Bolier

Kick 2 def is a more refined and 2016-ready version of v1.0 - which i bought about 2 years ago. I am not only using it for bassdrums right now, it's also an ace addition to my to-go-to bassline VSTs arsenal


Fox Stevenson

Oh wow this thing is awesome! the harmonics editor is really fun!

KICK v1 Press Reviews


Future Music Magazine

10/10 + Platinum Award Winning

"There are plenty of bass drum sample libraries available, but not many offer the power and simplicity of Sonic Academy's Kick. At this price, and with so much flexibility, KICK is a real gem.”

Future Music Magazine Readers Gear of the year award - Best Synth

Awarded BEST Synth of the 2014 Future Music Readers Gear of the Year award
2403 musictechmag

Music Tech Mag

9/10, Value Award & Editors Choice

"A great-value kick drum plug-in that's well designed and highly versatile, with simple controls that let you fine-tune the perfect drum sounds for your tracks”
2425 cm logo

Computer Music Magazine


"An excellent tool for building kicks”

KICK v1 Artist Reviews


Benno de Goeij

Definitely a plugin that will get a fixed place in the setup!


Sebastian Ingrosso

Awesome! Love the plug in :D


Oliver Twizt

Really fits in my production environment. Its fun, easy in use and most important end results are super punchy and loud! 5/5


DJ Jazzy Jeff

I will NEVER need another Kick Drum as long as I live…If I can’t fix my already favorite kick drum with KICK…then i can just Make a New one….Amazing!!!


Don Diablo

Great plug in using it to the fullest



Really cool. Deep functionalities coupled with an ergonomic layout. Especially useful for tonal kicks


David Guetta

This is a total game changer, I love it!


Morgan Page

Kick is the missing plugin I've been looking for. Super punchy and flexible, and much faster than layering samples


Secret Cinema

I love this plug-in! Was looking for the right kick generator for so long, and it finally does everything I want. The basis for all my techno tracks from now on...In fact it's so good... I wish it had my name on it...


Andy Moor

Kick really nails it, easy to use & amazing results. My kick sample library is getting dusty!


Jason Nevins

Great Job on #KICK - Lovin it!


Max Graham

This helps so much!


Chocolate Puma

Super useful and really easy to use. This could well become our only source of kick drum sounds. We love it.


Jerome Isma-Ae

There is no faster way to find the right kick for your track


Rafael Frost

This synth really KICKS! The sharpness and clarity of the sounds will just cut through any mix, without even using a compressor - just insane. This may be THE replacement for my entire kick sample library.


Chris Lake

I've been messing with this synth for the past week now and I can already see this is going to be my go to plug in for kick drum creation. Super simple, yet super powerful


Sean Tyas

I was actually blown away by this one. I feel that KICK by Sonic Academy blows the competition away simply by the fact it's so clear and intuitively laid out.

The very first default patch is ALREADY immediately useable with minimal IF ANY tweaks, and the option that you can import your own kick toppers and just really go to town on the exact kick you need for your track



Love this plugin, will definately be making use of this :)


Josh Gabriel

This is great! Nice job! Instantly great results!


Simon Mills - BENT

I may never use anything else again!! So versatile! Works really well with an Ableton Push controller as well!

Installing & Activating Kick

Step 1

To download and install KICK, simply browse to your "Downloads" tab located in your "My Account" page.

In here there is a "Synths" tab where you must download your license key and the KICK installer file.


Step 2

Save both the installer file and your license key to the desktop - make sure to save the license key under the name "KICK.license" - removing any .txt extension


Step 3

Once the installer zip file has downloaded, extract it to reveal the installation folder
*PC users please use 7Zip to extract


Step 4

Open the extracted folder "Sonic Academy KICK - Nicky Romero Edition" and run the relevant PC or MAC installer.


Step 5

Complete the installation process

When requested for your KICK license key select "YES" and navigate to your downloaded license key which you earlier placed on the desktop.


Step 6

Congratulations, KICK is now installed and activated - You can now access KICK from within your DAW from the Plugins section.

If you are having any issues with the installation please contact

Purchase Options
  • Kick 2 Full Version

    Kick 2 Full Version


(KICK 1 users - Log in to activate your 50% discount)

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