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Kick 2 - Artist Preset Pack Vol 1 Preset Pack


Sonic Academy is proud to present Artist Presets Vol 1. We have gathered together some of the world's most renowned producers and sound designers to bring you 80 exclusive presets and 42 brand new clicks for Kick 2.

We have covered many genres with this pack. From the Trance world we bring you ‘’Sean Tyas’ and ‘Genix’, from Tech Trance we have ‘Leon Bolier’, Prog Trance presets are courtesy of masters of the sound ‘Soundprank’, ‘Jerome Isme-Ae’ and 'Maor Levi', with ‘Wally Lopez’ bringing in the house vibes and finally Diskord drops some trap and hardstyle on us.

Simply install and you to can have fully customizable kicks from these world renowned artist in your projects.

Please Note - REQUIRES KICK 2
These presets will not work with Kick 1

Purchase Options
  • Volume 1 Full Pack


    Full Pack containing presets from Sean Tyas, Genix, Leon Bolier, Soundprank, Jerome Isme-Ae, Maor Levi, Wally Lopez and Diskord


    Diskord - 10 x Presets, 10 x Clicks
    Genix - 10 x Presets, 10 x Clicks
    Leon Bolier - 10 x Presets, 10 x Clicks
    Sean Tyas - 10 x Presets, 2 x Clicks
    Jerome Isma-Ae - 10 x Presets
    Soundprank - 10 x Presets
    Wally Lopez - 10 x Presets
    Maor Levi - 10 x Presets, 10 x Clicks

    Volume 1 Full Pack



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