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Miza: Future Pop Sample Pack


From BigEDM and the amazing mind of producer MIZA comes Future Pop.

A collection that is bursting at the seams with the latest in Future Pop sounds.

Don't worry about your encore, we've included so many sounds you'll be able to create a set that will last all night and into the early morning hours.

Whether you need to build from the ground up or just add that finishing touch.

We provide every sound you need to transform your vision into realization.

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  • Miza: Future Pop


    The 5 construction kits will give you a behind the scenes look and hands-on experience at future pop song construction.

    Our massive future pop genre specific sound library ensures that you get the sounds you want and need to make your track smooth and seamless.

    All sounds have been fine-tuned, mixed to perfection and are never over processed.

    Get ready to load up, blend, layer and fabricate your own monumental masterpiece.

    You'll get that perfect "tsssss" of the hi-hat, tight punchy kicks, choral hooks, lead synths, clear sustained bass drops, swirling intros, gripping melodies, transitional fills, and alluring vocal samples.

    It’s all included. This is the pack that will put your future pop tracks in the lead and gets those creative gears turning.

    Don't get lost in the dust of yester-pop, lead the way with MIZA: Future Pop.


    05 x Construction Kits
    30 x Claps
    30 x Cymbals
    30 x Sylenth1 Presets
    30 x Vocal Chop Loops
    40 x Live Bass Loops
    40 x Effects & Fills
    40 x Serum Presets
    40 x Snares
    40 x Live Instrument Synth Loops
    50 x Kicks
    50 x Melody Loops
    50 x Percussive Sounds
    100 x Drum Loops

    Miza: Future Pop



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